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At Maguire Chevrolet & Cadillac of Ithaca, we recognize the importance of a well-informed customer. When it comes to drivers throughout Ithaca, Cortland, or Elmira, New York, we want to help them as they research an upcoming car purchase. It's for this reason that we feature numerous different car reviews here on our site.

On this page, you can find them all here together. Now, you can easily click through each one or just focus on the models you're interested in. Our reviews provide a great deal of information, but if you need any additional info, you can contact our team.


What’s In a Car Review?

In our car reviews, you'll find more specific information pertaining to that model. This information could include fuel economy, horsepower, and torque metrics, as well as the many different features you'd find within the interior of the vehicle.

Technology and safety features are frequently highlighted, as we know our clients value those aspects. Some reviews also mention interior dimensions and cargo room volume so that you can see if the vehicle will be able to fit the amount of luggage or equipment you need it to.

Why Read Car Reviews?

Car reviews will help you familiarize yourself with a vehicle's features. If you've been wondering what comes standard or what might be available as an upgrade, you could find that out in one of our reviews.

This gives you additional knowledge when it comes to making your choice to lease or loan a particular car. If you're looking for a certain amount of horsepower or torque, or maybe you want to see if a vehicle comes with certain upgraded technology features, you can find that out through a review.

Fuel economy is also an important focus for a lot of drivers so that they can select an automobile that is efficient enough to match their usual driving habits. We often include fuel economy when discussing a vehicle's performance, so you're sure to notice that, too.

Check Out Our Car Reviews Today

The car reviews on this page contain a vast amount of information regarding different Chevrolet and Cadillac models. Our Maguire Chevrolet & Cadillac of Ithaca team invites drivers around Ithaca, Cortland, or Elmira, New York, to click through some of them and see what new information you may discover.

If you have any questions about a specific model and the features we've mentioned in our review, then you can contact our team with any questions.


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