Child-centered education is the best way to help young children grow and start developing. For over sixty years, the Trumansburg Community Nursery School has provided a play-based learning environment for children between the ages of two and five. 

From painting to getting messy on the playground, they offer lots of great programs for toddlers to learn through play.
The Trumansburg Community Nursery School offers two regular childcare programs and lots of fun events to help children learn and develop their artistic side.

Terrific Twos
To build children's social skills and help them get comfortable when Mom or Dad are at work, there's the Terrific Twos. This introductory class encourages children to explore the classroom and interact with each other.

There's structured play time that includes everything from potty training and hand washing to developing their motor skills and running around outside.

Plus, they can get on the right track and learn about healthy eating from a young age during snack time.

Children between the ages of three and five can continue to learn and further their social and cognitive abilities through their preschool. Every morning when the children arrive, they're split up into small groups and are able to choose between a variety of activities.

Afterwards, the whole class gets together for circle time, where teachers get the students involved with reading a book, singing songs, and show and tell.

Later, it's time for snacks, followed by sensory activities, and arts and crafts. Next, to teach the children structure and responsibility, it's time to clean up and settle in for some quiet reading. Finally, before pickup, they let the kids blow off some steam outside on the playground.

Toddler Story Time
On the first and third Wednesday of each month, toddlers can enjoy story time with Ms. Jackie. It's a great way to get children interested in reading and help them appreciate books from an early age. It also includes fun activities like finger puppet plays, songs, and arts and crafts.

Part of the Trumansburg Community Nursery School curriculum involves exploring and connecting with the community. With their location in downtown Trumansburg, children get to take lots of field trips to places like the local library, police and fire stations, and local farms and orchards. They can also enjoy some fresh air and get some exercise by going on a hike at Taughannock Falls State Park. 

As a cooperative school that's run by both parents and volunteers, they believe in putting families first, and connecting with families in the community is a big part of that.
Whether it's the classroom or out in the community, the Trumansburg Community Nursery School offers a play-based learning curriculum. Since 1959, this non-profit parent-cooperative school has been focusing on the development of the whole child. 

From motor to cognitive to social skills, their approach can help children learn and grow. To learn more, follow the Trumansburg Community Nursery School on Facebook.

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